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What is a CRM and what is it for?

What is a CRM

What is a CRM

what is it for?

Cheap, affordable and popular CRM.

What is a CRM.

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Buying a CRM system can be a challenge for many businesses on a budget. Therefore, we show you the best options on the market to set up a free CRM.

And when we say free, we understand that it is a tool with guarantees and quality.

No trap or cardboard.

Forget the famous “demos” or multi-day trial accounts that end up charging you €50 per month for each activated user.

Here we will only list the systems that really offer a 100% free solution with no time limit.

Some may have limited features, but I assure you that you will decide when to start paying and only after they have convinced you.

And that’s it… Why pay for a CRM when you can have one completely free? Especially if you are just starting out and barely know the ins and outs of these tools.

Without a doubt, this is the best way to get acquainted with this type of business software.

OK, so let’s get started. Next, we present the list of free CRMs that you can use in your business with no obligation to pay.

Picking the Best Free CRMs of 2022.

Here is the list of free CRMs you can find today:

CRM app
Yetiforce crm
CRM workbooks
CRM Selling Costs
Sugar CRM
vtiger CRM
Insightful CRM
Agile CRM
HubSpot CRM

Comparison Chart: Top 10 Free CRMs.

It’s clear that you have many options when choosing your free CRM.

Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have created this comparison table:

HubSpot CRM
Fresh sale
Agile CRM
CRM app
Zoho CRM
CRM workbooks
Sugar CRM

This list includes the top free CRM solutions based on:

user satisfaction
price quality
attention to the customer

While most cloud CRM software offers 14 to 30 day trial plans, here we only show solutions that offer a completely free service, either freemium or open source.

So, in the list, you will find CRMs that offer 100% free plans or open source CRM solutions that you can use to build your custom solution from scratch.

In any case:

This relationship allows you to choose a CRM solution without breaking your company’s budget.

What is the best free CRM.

Based on the data we process for us, the best option for choosing a free CRM comes down to three:

Hubspot CRM: best for small businesses.

HubSpot CRM is the only 100% free cloud solution with a Spanish interface.

That means it gives you everything you need to organize, track and nurture your prospects and customers without paying and without any limitations.

That’s why it’s our preferred solution for small businesses.

You’ll be able to have all the contacts and users you need, not to mention that it offers tools to track contacts and run email marketing software campaigns.

In addition, it can be integrated with a “marketing automation” software of your choice.

Its weak point: its functionalities are simple and there will come a time when it will be necessary to switch to a not-so-cheap payment account.

Strength: HubSpot CRM is the most popular free system on this list, with thousands of users and a 98% user satisfaction rate.

This CRM stands out for its ease of use and its email marketing and automation features.

Freshsales: the CRM for growing startups.

Free Plan: Freshsales offers a free plan for your business, which is awesome.

It comes with small business features that can only be described as excellent.

It helps you with the day-to-day management of contacts, customers, and sales, and allows you to automate key aspects of the sales force.

Has integrations with Zapier, Freshdesk for Helpdesk, Mailchimp, and Google Apps. User trust in this CRM is high, reaching 98 points in the satisfaction index.

It stands out for its great flexibility, low learning curves and ability to scale when your business needs it thanks to the Freshdesk suite.

Its weak point: After a while, your business will need to switch to its payment plans and integrate it with all Freshwoks modules to realize its full potential. It will therefore be necessary to go through the box.

Best of all, Freshsales’ free CRM allows for up to 10 free users plus unlimited contacts and support.

In addition, it is designed in such a way that thanks to its multiple integrations, all the work can be done without leaving the application.

This makes it a great option for your sales team.

SuiteCRM: the free CRM for large companies.

SuiteCRM is the pretty daughter of open source CRMs.

This application rivals giants of Salesforce’s stature in terms of functionality and is capable of surpassing historical figures in the industry like SugarCRM.

In addition, thanks to its recent evolution, it is very easy to configure in any installation thanks to its “plug and play” modular design (hundreds of functions can be activated with just one click) and is easy to use for the user and has a high Adaptability for IT professionals.

The weak point: Like almost all open source solutions, you have to provide them on your own servers and configure the solution according to your own needs.

Therefore, in order to use SuiteCRM, the assistance of a person with technical knowledge who can implement the solution on your servers is required. Something that takes up your time.

The plus: You are facing a young, solid and robust development that allows you to automate most tasks related to the sales, marketing and customer service processes. Unlimited.

How to choose free CRM software.

There are two types of free CRM software:

Open Source CRM
Cloud CRM in the freemium version

What is the difference between the two free CRM models?

Well, in general, when talking about CRM Freemium, you should know that these are free versions of CRM systems in the cloud that have a free plan in which they set some kind of limitation like:

Limited number of users.
contacts reduced.
storage capacity.
Limited advanced features.

The advantage of this type of CRM Free is that they are ready to use from the first minute and save you from disconnections or additional configuration tasks.

They are therefore the most transparent, easiest and fastest way to get started.

The obvious downside is that over time you will find that you need more resources and need to upgrade to a paid version.

On the contrary, open source systems provide users with unlimited and full-featured CRM.

The problem? With this software option, you take care of everything. You therefore need at least one person on your team who can install and configure the CRM on your servers.

As such, the cost here is associated with the hours and resources it takes you to set up these solutions.

The advantage of open source systems is that they are extremely customizable and most open source CRM companies offer a pre-configured version.

Choose an affordable CRM.

For us everything depends on your situation. That’s why we usually make this recommendation:

Freemium version: for companies with few users, e.g. Independents, Mircopymes and Starup.

Open Source CRM: Large companies with large numbers of users.

Open source CRM software is a great option for companies with technical resources that need to tweak the software and of course have tens or hundreds of users.

It’s the best way to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in subscription payments per user every month.

However, for companies with few resources, no access to a talented developer, and few users (usually smaller ones), going for a free CRM template with a freemium version is the best option.


Most of the CRMs that we have just presented to you are excellent solutions to manage your customer relationship without jeopardizing your finances.

However, in the world of free CRM, there are alternatives that stand out from the rest. As you have already seen.

For us, the best free CRM for a small business is Hubspot CRM or a similar freemium version.

With this CRM you can have more than 1 million contacts and use all the accounts you need. Best of all, you have full access to its features, it has a Spanish interface and you hardly need to configure anything to work with it.

In addition, it syncs with your Gmail account and allows you to automatically collect contacts from the web.

Freshsales, Workbooks, and Agile CRM are other great options for small teams and businesses.

If these are large and medium-sized companies that want to save money by doing without these types of solutions, we recommend using an open source CRM solution.

With these solutions, you can save on the monthly subscription per user.

In this case, SuiteCRM is the best alternative as a free CRM for business due to its easy deployment on your servers and low learning curve. And of course, we also recommend Odoo CRM to all organizations that need to integrate ERP and CRM on the same platform.

Among these solutions there is bound to be the one you are looking for.

And you, which free CRM do you use? Hubspot, Freshsales, SuiteCRM? Share it with us and tell us in the comments.

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