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One of the biggest debates is the power to lose weight. We know that not all bodies are capable of losing weight quickly and effectively. Not all combinations are effective when it comes to losing weight, but this time we bring you one so powerful and simple that you will lose weight in a mandatory way.

We recommend you not to abuse the use of this combination since you could lose weight in an uncontrolled way, so we recommend using it in moderation, so that you get that body you always wanted. In this video we will show you all the details of this combination, how to prepare it, take it and we will leave you the same recipe in the video. So share to reach more people and we hope you look like a goddess.

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Come on, it’s only a week! If you really want to achieve it, set yourself a short-term goal, in just one week you will see results and you will be encouraged to keep going. Weigh yourself daily.

To stay on target, weigh yourself fasting every day when you wake up. Use a digital scale, you will see how you lose weight every day until you reach the promised two kilos. Feeding More vegetables and fruits. At each meal start with a good plate of vegetables, prepared to your liking.

Eat as much as you want until you feel satisfied. The fiber content of vegetables will make you feel full for longer, thus preventing you from feeling hungry and snacking between meals. Complement meals with eggs, fish or lean meats, always accompanied by a salad. White bread and refined pasta are prohibited. For one week, eliminate pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice from your diet. After the first week, if you reincorporate them into the diet, make them with unrefined flour. Drink a lot of water.

Do not try energy drinks, isotonic drinks and much less cola drinks and the like. Any of them contains at least 100 calories, while no matter how much water you drink, the caloric intake will be 0 calories. If you find it boring, add a few lemon slices. Drink coffee one hour before exercising. The apple test.

If you’re really hungry, you might even want to eat an apple. If not, then you really don’t need to eat. You’re not hungry, you’re just bored. Don’t skip meals. If you do it to eat less, you will end up eating more.

When you skip a meal, you arrive at the next one much hungrier and devour it, achieving the opposite effect to what you were looking for. Forget desktop whims. Leave the sweets after meals, you will eat fewer calories than those that make you fat and they do not give you anything. Instead, take the fruit you like best and the amount you want. exercise

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